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CGAA and COVID-19 (20,21,22...)



As I sit here with Covid myself, isolating for 5-10 days (which really sucks BTW), I am adding a message reiterating our CGAA Covid policy. We are continuing to be guided by the CDC and MDH guidelines. I realize these are changing and there is much discussion on how to comply with them and what works. I believe it comes down to a simple request: if you are ill, please stay home and help keep your teammates healthy, be a team player. If you have COVID please follow the CDC and MDH guidelines of staying out of team contact for the appropriate period ( CDC Link click). We realize it is challenging at times to know what to do, and to do the right thing. Our organization's activities are all about fostering a team mentality and cooperation with others. The pandemic is an opportunity for us to teach through this difficulty. Thank you for your involvement; let's play the long game and build our community strength through these challenging times.


Daniel Harrison

CGAA President


CGAA COVID preparedness plan  5-28-2020

CGAA is an association, which is a group of people working together to provide athletic activities to help our youth grow and experience the unique opportunities that sports provide for growth and recreation. We do our best to provide a safe environment while dealing with activities that have inherently higher risk than many activities. In plain English our members take place in activities where injury is likely; our goal is to mitigate this as much as reasonably possible. The participant, and their family is taking on the risk by choosing to participate; this includes both the physical, mental and financial issues that result from this.

The activities that CGAA members are involved in require us to be in close contact, in large groups and to be using many shared implements such as balls and bats. We share sideline space, dugouts and cheer and scream for each other. Parents gather in the stands and parking lots to socialize and cheer for our children.

We have to consider those facts as we begin to formulate plans and work with these socially “un-distant” activities while at the same time dealing with a pandemic that is extremely socially transmittable. Adding to the challenge is the widely varied individual decisions and beliefs held by the public regarding their personal approach to their health and the safety of others.

CGAA is taking the following approach to COVID. This policy supersedes any individual coach, director, employee, contractor or board member and will be the policy referred to for any questions or disputes.

Our offices will be available by appointment only. Our board members with keys should only enter wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. If you need access please contact us and we can make arrangements.

Board meetings will remain virtual meetings, if they exceed 10 people. Each board should have the option to have their meetings entirely virtual until such time as the CDC and MDH allow gatherings to take place. All members are welcome to attend our virtual meetings and can contact their respective board members for access to the meeting; certain portions of the meetings may be executive sessions which will be closed in the event that sensitive information needs to be discussed.

Our sports events will be beginning to take place in the coming weeks. We continue to mirror Governor Walz’s recommendations as well as the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). We ask that those who are involved in any CGAA activity to be conscientious of these guidelines and be considerate of others. It seems clear that we lack the resources to police all of these policies at every potential activity and gathering. Individuals will differ in their assessment of situations and the adherence to guidelines. It is our advice if you are uncomfortable with the adherence to these guidelines of the team or the group your child is involved in, remove yourself from the situation. In the event the situation remains inconsistent with your expectations or personal choices, you should reach out to your division’s director and seek a resolution with them.

We are doing our best to continue to offer opportunities for our members to have some normalcy and enjoy the sports they love. The risk of being exposed to COVID-19 is increased by participating in these sports and we lack the ability to eliminate and limited abilities to mitigate these risks. We expect each member to use their own judgement and risk tolerance to evaluate whether they choose to accept this increased risk and participate in CGAA activities.

We will continue to follow MDH and the CDC guidance as well as following any executive orders or guidance provided. We are using the Minnesota Department of Health’s Publication, “Guidance for Social Distancing in youth and student programs,” and the publication, “Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth Sports,” as the rules/guidance we expect our members (which includes coaches, parents, players, and board members) and employees to follow.


We appreciate each and every member of our association and recognize we are going through an unprecedented time with challenges for all of us. We hope to provide opportunities for our members through this pandemic that allow some normalcy to be experienced. All members should evaluate the risks they face and take personal responsibility for their decisions. We ask that you be considerate of others and follow guidelines, even if you have a dissenting opinion. Each family should evaluate if the added risks experienced participating in a youth sporting activity are acceptable and take action accordingly. We will get through this by working together. Be well.


CGAA President

Daniel Harrison

Thank you for being a part of our association and thank you for your partnership in working through this unique situation.



November Main Board Meeting 11-14-2021


Our Mission
The objective of Cottage Grove Athletic Association (CGAA) is to implant firmly into the children of the community the spirit of competition and the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence so they may be finer, stronger and happier children and grow to be clean, proud, confident adults.

Our Sports
Currently CGAA offers the following eight (8) sports for the children of the community: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, SoccerSoftball, & Volleyball
Baseball and softball are gender-specific sports; programs are offered in the other sports for both boys and girls.


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